Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is already answered, but I’ve been searching about this thing and I everything that I found is information about how to get information from views created in HANA.

The problem that I’m facing goes like this:


1. I have SAP BW on a multi tenant HANA DB. Let say TenBW is for the BW application and TenEX is the other tenant for external apps.

2. A developer team already create a BD structure (lets call it AppDB) in TenEX to contain information that initially was loaded from txt files.


The problem now is that the users want to do some maintenance to some tables in AppDB. The problem here is that they want to do that using the classic SM30 maintenance views. So the questions here are:


a. Is this possible?


If yes

b. How do I map (o see) the tables from AppDB in TenEX in to the abap workbench?

c. Is it possible to create a maintenance view (sm30) for this tables? The purpose is to make insertions, updates and deletes to the AppDB tables.

For what I have reading (and understanding), in abap you can only consume views, meaning that one can only read data from hana in abap; so I figure it out that one way to accomplish the user’s need is to read the information, and eventually use some store procedure in hana to push the new data in the tables, but that means not to use a sm30 maintenance view. Am I correct? or I get it all wrong?

Thanks for your time.

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