SAP Screen Personas – II – Benefits and Use case

Step by Step guide to Personas

If SAP Screen Personas (called Personas hence after) is installed in your system, you will need following roles to act as Personas Administrator.




Your accesses can be limited to Consumer or Editor role, depending on your duties in the project.

As mentioned in my previous blog, Personas is one of the new UX techniques provided by SAP. The advantages of Personas are listed as

Better User experience – Obvious

Low Training cost – The idea is to simplify the complex transaction

Higher productivity and improved data entry accuracy – Less fields mean more productivity and less chance of error.

A Fiori like experience – SAP has made it clear that Fiori is its to-go UX technology. But it will take time and huge effort to transform each transaction to a meaningful Fiori App. Hence, SAP wanted to give something to users which can be quicker to develop and yet can align with the Fiori experience.

However, as a technical consultant, might I add one more advantage of Persona – Adding or hiding any field in the screen as per customer requirement (a common requirement which we all try to avoid). Let’s jump to an example and let me show how Personas can be used. Listing down the steps and then I will add the screenshots for reference.

(Scenario – In material master – MM03 in Basic Data1 (change it to Primary information), change the Description of Material to Product, simplify the screen by removing extra field which customer will not use – Ext Matl Group, Lab/office, Material Authorization group)

Open the T-code MM03, go to the Basic Data1 Tab.

If Personas is active, you can see “P” on top mid portion of the screen, click on it and it will open the flavor bar. Click on it and create a new flavor.

Select Basic Data1 – double click, a pop up will come where you can enter the new description. Do the same with the Material.

Select Ext Matl Text and field and select hide button. Repeat it for rest of the fields.

Save and exit the flavor. Done.

SAP Personas for Beginners

Personas Flavor

Step by Step Personas Tutorial

Free Personas Tutorials

SAP Screen Personas

Personas for ABAPers

This is the advantage of Personas. With traditional ABAP enhancement, it will take probably more effort to complete this task, if at all it is possible. This is just an example and much more can be done with Personas.

However, there is a new challenge of Flavor Management. Now, we have created two flavors for the same screen. This leads to additional administration work to assign the flavors to different user ids/group and roles.

Flavor Management in SAP

There is the whole bunch of stuff which cannot be done in Personas but I don’t consider them as a limitation because they were never possible before. SAP is working continuously and more features will be added in future.

To conclude, I have tried to highlight the benefits and a small case to explain how Personas work. I also touched upon how Admin can manage the flavors as per group and roles. I trust, if used properly, Personas can benefit any client tremendously. It is a totally new area and slowly consultants and clients will catch up. If you like this blog and want to see more, please give a thumbs up or leave your feedback in the comment section.

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