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SAP Analytics

Contributed by: Swagata Basu, Senior Consultant at Capgemini.

In the recent years, SAP has been innovating and taking the whole world with surprises. It has moved ahead of its competitors in leaps and bounds. Analytics is one such area of SAP which they have given lots of attention and invested a lot of their time and research. SAP Smart Business is a technique using which performance and operation indicator can be measured. It can be used by any customer or partners or any SAP’s development teams for making highly analytical data accessible using Fiori Launchpad tiles.

Smart Business is available as a “Service” in SAP Cloud Platform. The service allows for the codeless use of analytic content in SAP Fiori tiles and also in a full-screen dashboard in the context of the SAP Fiori Launchpad/Cloud Portal in the SAP Cloud Platform classic cloud environment.

How does the end users viz Customers benefit from this SAP Smart Business Service?

1) SAP Smart Business Service helps the business user to visualize analytic content in the form of analytical SAP Fiori tiles and interactive dashboards which support insight to action. It allows you to define, manage, and leverage consistent Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Operational Performance Indicators (OPI) across all your business applications.

2) As SAP Smart Business Service is an analytical visualization service, it does not do any data aggregation on its own. Aggregations are carried out at the data source. It relies on the underlying business application (SAP HANA or otherwise) to do aggregates based on given filter criteria.

3) SAP Smart Business supports preconfigured analytics. Business application development teams can model Smart Business content and ship it to consumers as pre-configurations. Also, business administrators or key users can model Smart Business content and publish it to their business users in role-based dashboards.

4) SAP Embedded analytics provides the capabilities to embed the Smart Business runtime artifacts in the customer applications which enables them to bring both the transaction and analytic information to the same page. All these artifacts are delivered as components as part of the runtime HTML5 application so that these components are consumed by the customer applications.

5) SAP Predictive Analysis Library (PAL) is an add-on set of application functions that implement a wide range of analysis algorithms in the areas of clustering, classification, and association. The complex analytic computations are executed directly into the database instead of through the application server providing a high performance.

Below is a list of the Smart Business modeler applications:

SAP Smart Business Service There is already a very detail blog in the scn which outlines the steps to execute the below application. Therefore we did not want to re-invent the wheel. Please refer to the scn blog for more details.
 Create KPI,
 Create Evaluation
 Configure KPI Tiles
 Configure KPI Drilldown
 Manage KPI Associations
 KPI Workspace

Some Practical Tips:

i. We can develop our Data modeling in the Cloud Application.

ii. We always have to activate the ODATA services using below command.

I am sure this is not a very common topic for ABAPers. But believe me, Analytics is the future. With the lake of data in our system, the ultimate goal would be to play with the data and determine the future course of action. If a company has to grow and outperform itself, it has to take deeper dive into the field of Analytics. SAP Smart Business Service would be the friendly tool for all those decision makers who have a major stake in the critical path of any organization.

Please stay tuned for the next article where we would pick one modeler application and show you how the analysis can be done. Hopefully, the next post would make this hazy picture more clear and you would be able to appreciate this introduction part better. Till then, start playing with the data. Keep analyzing and pondering. Be Smart and use SAP Smart Business Service. 🙂

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