SQVI (Quick Viewer) for ABAP Developers


Many a times we developer have tough time finding the right data. Usually we debug our code and try to find the data simultaneously from tables. Or we write our small test program just to fetch the data and show in report.


There is SAP transaction SQVI (Quick Viewer) which we can use to fetch data. It has drag and drop facility to join tables and select the fields for output display. It also has feature to generate a selection screen.

And the good part, NO coding is needed. It hardly takes 5 minutes to drag and join the tables and get a report ready for finding our right set of data for testing.


1. Go to T-Code SQVI. Give a name and press Create button.

2. Give the title and select Data source as Table join from the drop down list and continue.

3. You will go to Choose Data Source screen.

4. Click the Insert button . Second from the left at top to insert tables.

5. Enter the tables for which you want data. In this case, I have entered data required for Catalog developments.
6. Continue
7. Enter another table for which you want to filter or want data from.

For this demonstration I am using VBAK table.

8. The system automatically maps the two table with common fields. (Join for developers)

9. Here I am using one more table to filter data.

The second table (VBAK) and third table (VBUP) is automatically mapped with VEBLN field. (You can also link Table 1 and Table 3. Just put the cursor at the field of Table 1 and drag it to the corresponding field of Table 3. (It is just like mapping in code). You can link as many tables as you need. And it need not be sequential. You can link 1st table with the 3rd, 7th .. nth table. Just drag and drop.

10. Table join is complete. Press back button. You will go to the initial screen.
11. Now select the fields from the three tables, for which you want to see the report (alv output fields).

Use button or to select fields from right to left and vice-versa.

12. Now prepare selection screen fields (if you want to use filter in selection screen). You can execute even without preparing the selection screen. In that case, the join will give all records.

To prepare selection screen, select Selection fields Tab as shown below and with the help of button move the required field to left.

13. Our query is complete. Save it.


1. Press Execute button to run the query.

2. The selection screen comes. Enter the value and see the data.

3. Suppose I enter customer 100065898, then the output is
4. Suppose I enter Rejection status for SD item EQ Blank and Pricing for item is incomplete EQ Blank and with Customer and Sales Organization.


Thus we see that we can join tables with the drag and drop features and hunt for the data or even generate a report (with or without selection screen) and that too without a single line of coding.

The functional and testing team would be very familiar with this SAP Transaction Code. This post is intended for the developers who rarely use this transaction (so that they can use it or at least, know about the existence of this SAP utility transaction).

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  1. While SQVI is quite OK, just a word of caution. One, most sensible security folks would not allow SQVI in production. Yes, you can create in dev and use whatever generate program like any other ABAP program. Secondly, the performance is absolutely horrible for table joins.

    I understand that the post is about creating test programs in dev to help development but my recommendation is not to go beyond that. It’s is extremely better to just code in ABAP or SQ01/SQ02


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