ABAP for SAP HANA Tutorial Series

SAP S/4 HANA Technical Overview – Part I

Finally, this week, we got an opportunity to look into a real S/4 HANA On-Premise Business Suite. We cannot express the joy we experienced...

Real SAP HANA Project Discussions and Lessons Learnt

There are numerous S/4 HANA Projects which need Consultants viz Functionals, Technicals, Analysts, End Users. But there are not many lucky ones who have had real hands-on SAP HANA Work experience. Most folks theoretically know, broadly there are...

SAP ABAP on HANA: Part XVIII. SALV IDA (Integrated Data Access)

SAP ALV Integrated Data Access Contents Introduction. Program Construct Step – I:  Design Selection Screen Step – II: Design Local Class for SALV IDA implementation Step – III: Call SALV...

SAPUI5 Tutorial Series for ABAPers

Routing and Navigation in SAP UI5 – Theoretical Explanation Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Navigation and Routing in SAPUI5 Theoretical Explanation. But this would not be a pure theory. We would see some codes...

Routing and Navigation in SAP UI5 – Theoretical Explanation Part 1

SAP UI5 Framework offers a special and efficient concept for Navigation between its screens/Views. Let us refresh this all-important concept which every front-end developer...

SAPUI5 Tutorial with WebIDE. Part XII. SAPUI5 Basic Debugging for Beginners

Do you know 2 ways to open SAPUI5 Debugger Panel?

In how many ways can you check the run-time values of SAPUI5 variables?

Have you used the "$0" trick on Console Tab while Debugging?

Check this useful article on SAPUI5 specifically written for Beginners but even the Experts would find it interesting.

SAP Fiori Tutorials

Query Browser and Analytical Queries

Have you used SAP Query Browser for Analytics?

Did you know Analytical Query nothing but CDS View?

Do you know the difference between Basic View, Composite View and Consumption View?

Check this short and useful explanation from Bhavesh.

SAP Fiori Tutorial. Part IV. How to change non-English Default Language...

Did your SAP Fiori Launchpad ever showed up in German Language?

Did you fix it or did your Admin do it for you?

Please check this interesting artile on SAP Fiori which shows how to change the default Language of Fiori.

SAP Fiori Tutorial. Part III. Flow Chart to Enhance Standard SAP...

Do you know how to replace the standard OData service in Fiori?

Do you know how to re-define the standard OData service in SEGW?

Did you know, you have atleast 3 steps in standard Fiori App enhancement?

Please check this short and interesting article which shows just 3 Flow Charts for Fiori App enhancement.

SAP Workflow Tutorials

Understanding The Workflow Part II – 5W’s Of Workflow.

As promised, We are here with our next articles on the workflow that is going to explain about 5W's of SAP Workflow. Sorry to...

Understanding The Workflow Part I

Do you know, why someone or some business needs workflow to be implemented in their process?

What issues business will face if it is not implementing the workflow process in there business?

Can we implement the workflow in each and every business process?

Check this creative article with lots of animation and fun.

Modify the Run-Time Value of Workflow Containers. Part-2

I am sure, you know what is SAP Workflow Container.

What do you do if the Workflow failed due to missing data in the Workflow Container?

Do you know the consequences of restarting the workflow using t-code SWPR and SWUS?

Please check this practical article on Workflow Container, which you would need on every other SAP Workflow Project.

OData & SAP Netweaver Gateway Tutorials

SAP Netweaver Gateway and OData. Part XIII. Entity Tags in SAP...

Did you ever face update issue in SAPUI5 Applications?

Was there ever a dead lock situation in your OData Services?

Did you know, we can handle Concurrency in SAP Netweaver Gateway using ETags?

Please check how multiple users can handle the same record simultaneously.

SAP Netweaver Gateway and OData. Part XII. Media Handling using OData...

Did you ever have the requirement to upload and download music files from UI front end?

Have you ever explored the Media Property of Entity Type in OData to handle Media Information?

For media handling, did you know, we need to tweak Model Provider Class in addition to regular Data Provider Class?

Please check this practical article which you would need for every Netweaver Gateway Project.

OData and SAP Netweaver Gateway. Part XI. Query Options & HTTP...

Do you know how to build Query Options in OData Services?

Did you know, for some Queries, we do not need to write any code while for some we have to implement some code?

If you get HTTP status code error 403, then where should you look for error resolution? Client side or Server Side? i.e. SAPUI5 side or SAP Backend side?

Please check this practical article on OData Services Query Options and HTTP Status Codes.

ABAP OOPs Tutorials

ABAP Objects for Beginners. Part 1 – Introduction

There have been numerous requests from freshers to start a series on Step by Step Tutorials on Object-Oriented Programming in SAP ABAP. For quite...

ABAP Objects – Is INTERFACE the Leaky Bucket of OOPs Design?

Most of us know, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, and Polymorphism are the Pillars of Object Oriented Design. There is also a fifth aspect called INTERFACE...

Object Oriented Programming in ABAP – MVC – Part IV

In the last three parts of MVC series, we have seen the Practical Use of OOPs ABAP. In this concluding part, we will try...

SAP Adobe Forms Tutorials

SAP Adobe Form Tutorial. Part XIV. How to Generate Barcode in...

SAP Adobe Form - Barcode      The other day, someone in our Telegram SAP Technical Group asked a random question. How to display Barcode...

SAP Adobe Form Tutorial. Part XIII. How to Print two Tables...

Displaying two tables side by side on an SAP Adobe Form is a very common requirement. Most of us find it difficult to meet...

SAP Adobe Form Tutorial. Part XII. How to Convert Smartform to...

Have you ever tried to convert Smartform to SAP Adobe Form?

Did you know that SAP has already provided a mechanism to convert Smartform to Adobe with few clicks?

Follow these step by step guides.

Migration in SAP has never been so seamless.

SAP Screen Personas Tutorials

SAP Screen Personas IV – Performance Woes

In our previous blogs, we have talked about SAP Screen Personas, what they are are, what they can do and even how can you...

SAP Screen Personas III – Scripting

Did you try hiding and renaming the SAP standard fields and text in SAP Personas?

Did you secretly wish, there was a better way to perform some repetitive activity in your daily job in SAP?

Did you know you could train SAP to follow your orders and make your life easier?

Check how it can be done by Recording and Scripting in SAP Screen Personas.

SAP Screen Personas – II – Benefits and Use case

Heard a lot about SAP Screen Personas?

But, could not experience the beauty of Personas.

Do not worry. Bhavesh has pledged to make us Personas ready.

Check how we can enhance (change description) and hide fields in SAP standard screens.

SAP Ariba Tutorials

A to Z of Integration of SAP Ariba with SAP ECC...

SAP Ariba has designed a simple and flexible integration solutions and framework?

There are two ways of integrating ECC with Ariba.

Method 1 is by Standard Ariba Network Adapter and Method 2 is by Integration Tool Kit.

Please check this detailed document which shows SAP ECC and SAP Ariba Integration using Integration Tool Kit (ITK).

A to Z of Integration of SAP Ariba with SAP ECC

SAP Ariba has designed a simple and flexible integration solutions and framework.

There are two ways of integrating ECC with Ariba.

Method 1 is by Standard Ariba Network Adapter and Method 2 is by Integration Tool Kit.

Please check this detailed document which shows SAP ECC and SAP Ariba Integration using Standard Ariba Network Adapter.

SAP Web Dynpro

Let’s Web Dynpro. Part VII

In this post I would like to show a very simple stuff, Personalization and Customization in Web Dynpro, which has quite a big impact...

Let’s Web Dynpro. Part VI

In Part V, we learnt how we can display the tabular output in ALV with Component Usage. In this post we would see how...

Let’s Web Dynpro. Part V

In Part IV, we learnt how to make the elements visible as we need them and also learnt how to make the mandatory fields...

Let’s Web Dynpro. Part IV

Let’s Web Dynpro. Part III

Let’s Web Dynpro. Part ZZ

Let’s Web Dynpro. Part II

Let’s Web Dynpro. Part I


Introduction To SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence

Have you heard about Web Intelligence or WebI?

It has been part of SAP Business Object Product Suite from 1990. Yes!! Since 1990.

The current version of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence is 4.1.

Check the 5 important features and functionalities of SAP WebI.

How to create effective custom RFC function to integrate millions of...

What is SAP BODS?

How can BODS connect with SAP?

Can BODS be used for large volume of data?

Please check this interesting artile on SAP BODS where the author has transferred and updated more than 15 million records in no time.

Data Lake and Data Warehouse

What really is Data Lake? For some, Data Lake is a repository for large quantities and varieties of data, both structured and unstructured. For others, data lake is an architectural strategy and an architectural destination. With all the new data connecting us, we should be sailing smoothly. Unfortunately, we are drowning in our own data.

Generic Object Services

Tool for GOS attachment from one SAP system to another SAP...

Your Organization (say COY, which is in SAP) acquired another company (say XYZ, which is also in SAP). As per design, business plan to...

Sample program to attach any file from application server to any...

* Sample program to attach documents to any business object REPORT z_gos_attachment NO STANDARD PAGE HEADING LINE-COUNT 132. *---------------------------------------------------------------------* * SELECTION SCREEN                                                    * *---------------------------------------------------------------------* SELECTION-SCREEN BEGIN OF BLOCK b1 WITH...

Table to check whether a business object has any GOS attachment...

Many a times we need to check, how many GOS attachments are there in Purchase Orders or Purchase Requisitions or Vendors etc. The easiest...

Vistex Tutorials

Quick Reference for Vistex Technical

Couple of our readers suggested that we post something which would be easy reference for Vistex Technical who are beginners. Hope this post would...

Vistex Chargeback Overview

A Chargeback is an amount claimed by a distributor from a manufacturer or vendor for the difference between their initial acquisition price and the...

Vistex Contract Overview

There are not much documents in the internet world regarding Vistex. In this post, the author has tried to give an overview of the...

SAP Transportation Managment

Execute Actions or FMs in locked instances mode in SAP TM

In the previous post, we saw how to trigger PPF from stand along code in SAP TM. In this article we would see how...

SAP Transportation Management: Trigger PPF (Post Processing Framework) Action from Stand...

1.0 Introduction In SAP Transportation Management, we get many scenarios to trigger a PPF (Post Processing Framework) Action by stand alone code. Examples being; Trigger...

Free MiniSAP Installation

miniSAP Installation – Part 4

If you are following our Tutorial series for Free SAP Practice System then by now you must have installed Linux Mint for SAP (covered in Part 1).

Configured Linux for SAP Installation (Part 2).

Install miniSAP on our new Linux successfully (Part 3).

This is our concluding part and here we would download and configure SAPGUI. We would also extend the License and show you how you can extend it every 90 days. We would also create Users and also write our first "Hello Beer" program.

miniSAP Installation – Part 3

In Part 1 we installed Linux Mint for SAP.

In Part 2 we configured Linux for SAP Installation?

In this part we would Install miniSAP on our new Linux system which we installed and configured earlier.

We want to stress again. This miniSAP installation is completely Free and ABAPers can write programs and do SAP Basis Admin work.

miniSAP Installation – Part 2

In Part 1 we installed Linux Mint for SAP?

In this article we would Configure Linux for SAP Installation?

This step by step tutorials with detailed screenshot would help you through the process.

You are just few steps away from having your own Free SAP System for Practice and Demonstration.


Quantity Conversion – Technical Details

We touched about configuration settings for Quantity Conversion in our other post

Today we would reveal some technical information about Quantity Conversion.

The Function modules, Enhancements and tables are what ABAPers would be interested in.

Let's take a deeper dive into the IS Oil and Gas SAP Solutions.

Simplify Quantity Conversion – IS Oil and Gas SAP Solution

Have you worked in any IS Oil and Gas Implementation Project?

Have you ever recorded the Temperature and Density of fluids in SAP Projects?

Did Quantity Conversion ever give you nightmares?

Fear no more. We have the keys to those untrodden path of SAP IS Oil.


Real Time Exchange Rate with Real Time Data Using Yahoo Finance...

In the earlier posts Google Map API in SAP and GPS like tool in SAP we saw how we can leverage the Google Map...

GPS like tool in SAP using Google Map API

In the earlier article, we saw how we can get the latitude and longitude of any address using Google Map API. Adding to that...

Get Latitude and Longitude of any place using Google Map API...

SAP surprises us every day. Even after working for more than a decade, a new project or client will have some requirements which are...


ABAP on SAP HANA. Part VI. New Age Open SQL ABAP...

New Age Open SQL ABAP 740 In this article, we would take a break from HANA. We would pause and check what is available in...

Secondary Index in Traditional SAP Database and SAP HANA Database

We all know Index in a database table helps to fetch the selected row faster as an index is a sorted copy of the...

Taking one step back after EhP7.4, does it make sense for...

Does your Web Dynpro UI Screen look different after EhP7.4 Upgrade? Recently we had our upgrade to EhP740 and with it came the new look...

SAP Tweaks & Tricks

SAP TMG – No Need to Delete & Regenrate After Change...

No Need to Delete and Regenerate the Table Maintenance Generator after Addition or Deletion of New Key or Non-Key Fields in Tables. Do you know...

ABAP Objects – Is INTERFACE the Leaky Bucket of OOPs Design?

Most of us know, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, and Polymorphism are the Pillars of Object Oriented Design. There is also a fifth aspect called INTERFACE...

Code Quality Control, Simplified!!

After Simple Logistics and Simple Finance, should we coin this as Simple Code Inspector? 🙂 We assume that by now all the SAP Technical Consultants...
SAP HANA for beginners


SAP Tips


YARD-athon Competitions

SAP YARD-athon August 2017 Result (New ABAP Syntax Special)

Did you take a look into our First SAP Yard-athon?

More than 1500 ABAPers went through our New SAP ABAP 7.4 Syntax Special contest.

Check how the Interesting New Syntaxes can replace the Old ABAP code.

Also check, who are the participants who submitted the most accurate expected answer. Do you know anyone of them?

SAP YARD-athon “Cultivate, Learn & Grow in SAP”

Have you ever been to SAP TechEd?

Have you ever participated in any Hackathon?

Do not be disappointed if you have not been to any TechEd or Hackathon.

Not all SAP Consultants can make to those events. But you surely can be part of this challenging SAP Yard-athon.