Table to check whether a business object has any GOS attachment or not

Table to check if BO has attachment or not

Many a times we need to check, how many GOS attachments are there in Purchase Orders or Purchase Requisitions or Vendors etc. The easiest way to find this is by going to GOS relationship table ‘SRGBTBREL‘.


Go to SE16(N), provide the business object name in field TYPEID_A (Type of Objects). For example, business object name for PO is BUS2012, business object for PR is BUS2105, business object for Vendor is LFA1, business object for Material is 1001006 etc and hit execute to view the list or hit Number of Entries button to see the number of attachments in that business object.

You can get the list of business object in transaction SWO1.

If for some reason, you are not able to figure out the business object in transaction SWO1, then the easiest way to find the business object is by going to the transaction (say MM02, ME22N or XK02 etc) for the object you are interested and attach one document and save it. Now take that object number and go to table SRGBTBREL and enter the material/po/vendor etc in field INSTID_A with all leading zeroes. You will get the business object name in field TYPEID_A.



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  1. thanks for sharing the above points “Table to check whether a business object has any GOS attachment or not”. This is something to find out the right BO for material. I think there is another approach which i prefer is to switch on the trace and then perform the required activity e.g. po creation/change, or sales order creation or change…etc. and then switch off the trace. now you can list the trace list and find out the right BO from there.

    t-code–> SWEL and SWELS is usefull.

    Anyways thanks i learn a new thing from your post.

    • Dear Avanida -Thank you for stopping by and leaving your feedback.

      True, for a little more experienced folks, tracing and finding the business object would be a better option like we do in most workflows.

      Thank you again for pointing out this option.

      Please keep visiting and providing your feedback and inputs.

      Team SAPYard.


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