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miniSAP Installation – Part 1

Did you always want an SAP System on your personal machine to explore SAP?

Did someone mis-guide you that SAP IDES is no longer free?

Check how to install SAP IDES for Practice for Free?

This article would show How to install and use the Mini SAP System and start developing your own Program or do Basis Administration work.

Difference between Logical and Physical Deletion of Work Items in SAP...

Hope you have used DELETE button individually and SHIFT + DELETE.

Did you know, the same concept is used as Logical Delete and Physical Delete in SAP Workflow?

Do you know how to Logically delete someone else's work items?.

Why do we suggest not to Physically Delete any work item in Production system?

Please read futher for all these useful tricks in SAP Workflow.

Quantity Conversion – Technical Details

We touched about configuration settings for Quantity Conversion in our other post

Today we would reveal some technical information about Quantity Conversion.

The Function modules, Enhancements and tables are what ABAPers would be interested in.

Let's take a deeper dive into the IS Oil and Gas SAP Solutions.

Lazy and Smart ABAPers

One of my very good friends once wrote a four line article titled "What Laziness leads to?" in LinkedIn. What is the Outcome of Laziness? Automation. What...

Fiori App – An Introduction from an ABAPer

I started working as an ABAPer in 2006 and since then I have always considered SAP GUI to be very intimidating. If it can...

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