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SAP Screen Personas III – Scripting

Did you try hiding and renaming the SAP standard fields and text in SAP Personas?

Did you secretly wish, there was a better way to perform some repetitive activity in your daily job in SAP?

Did you know you could train SAP to follow your orders and make your life easier?

Check how it can be done by Recording and Scripting in SAP Screen Personas.

Fiori App – An Introduction from an ABAPer

I started working as an ABAPer in 2006 and since then I have always considered SAP GUI to be very intimidating. If it can...

SAP HANA ; S/4 HANA and S/4 HANA Finance in Nutshell.

In traditional data warehouse, real time data analytics is not possible. It is limited by the design consideration or lets say its not designed...

‘ABAP for SAP HANA’ Points to remember

This page is a hand written note from (and probably to) an SAP HANA novice who is trying to remember and understand the new...

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