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miniSAP Installation – Part 4

If you are following our Tutorial series for Free SAP Practice System then by now you must have installed Linux Mint for SAP (covered in Part 1).

Configured Linux for SAP Installation (Part 2).

Install miniSAP on our new Linux successfully (Part 3).

This is our concluding part and here we would download and configure SAPGUI. We would also extend the License and show you how you can extend it every 90 days. We would also create Users and also write our first "Hello Beer" program.

miniSAP Installation – Part 1

Did you always want an SAP System on your personal machine to explore SAP?

Did someone mis-guide you that SAP IDES is no longer free?

Check how to install SAP IDES for Practice for Free?

This article would show How to install and use the Mini SAP System and start developing your own Program or do Basis Administration work.

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