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SAP Screen Personas IV – Performance Woes

In our previous blogs, we have talked about SAP Screen Personas, what they are are, what they can do and even how can you...

SAP Screen Personas III – Scripting

Did you try hiding and renaming the SAP standard fields and text in SAP Personas?

Did you secretly wish, there was a better way to perform some repetitive activity in your daily job in SAP?

Did you know you could train SAP to follow your orders and make your life easier?

Check how it can be done by Recording and Scripting in SAP Screen Personas.

SAP Screen Personas – II – Benefits and Use case

Heard a lot about SAP Screen Personas?

But, could not experience the beauty of Personas.

Do not worry. Bhavesh has pledged to make us Personas ready.

Check how we can enhance (change description) and hide fields in SAP standard screens.

SAP Screen Personas – An Introduction

As an End User how many times did you wish a certain SAP Transcation was little more simpler?

As an ABAPer, how many times did you wish there was a better way to modify the standard Transaction and please the End Users?

Did you know, SAP heard the pain of both business/end users and the developers?

They introduced SAP Screen Personas which are like "Mask" on top of standard transaction which would be different for different User Groups.

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