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OData and SAP Netweaver Gateway. Part IX. How to Add Multiple...

Did you know, if we want to create or update one header and multiple items then we then have to call Create/Update Header operation and then followed by the call Create/Update Items Operations in back to back multiple calls to Model?

Or is there some other Operation which we can call?

Have you heard about DEEP INSERT Operation?

Please check this interesting artile on OData along with SAPUI5 snippets.

SAPUI5 Tutorial with WebIDE. Part VII. An ABAPer’s First SAPUI5 App...

Are you a Beginner in SAPUI5?

Do you know how to read texts of input fields in SAPUI5?

Do you know how to Filter data in SAPUI5 Models?

Please read the real struggle of an experienced ABAPer who is a fresher in SAPUI5.

SAPUI5 Tutorial with WebIDE. Part VI. Using Fragments in SAPUI5 Fiori...

What are Fragments in SAPUI5?

Why are Fragments considered lightweight?

Do you know the types of Fragments?

Check this very interesting and useful post to learn and understand how to use Fragments in UI5 applications.

SAPUI5 Tutorial. Part IV with WebIDE. Routers and Routing in SAPUI5

Are you an ABAPer who is new to UI developments?

Do you know how to navigate to multiple screens?

Are you facing issue in your SAPUI5 application?

This hands on practical document in SAPUI5 might help you.

SAPUI5 Tutorial with WebIDE. Part II. Routing and Navigation in SAPUI5...

Did you know, we can configure the Routes and Targets for Navigation in SAPUI5 Application without any code?

Do you know how to capture the information of the clicked item on the SAPUI5 screen and pass it to another View/Page?

Have you heard about Hash (#) based Routing in SAPUI5?

If you want to learn End to End Configuration, Design, little Programing (less than 10 lines) and understand the Routing Concept in SAPUI5, then please check this practical post.

Journey to SAPUI5

Welcome to the future of SAP User Interfaces. In these years, SAP has released many solutions to enhance the user experience on their application...

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