Taking one step back after EhP7.4, does it make sense for Web Dynpro UI?


Does your Web Dynpro UI Screen look different after EhP7.4 Upgrade?

Recently we had our upgrade to EhP740 and with it came the new look and feel. NEW Operators, VALUE Operators, BOXes, beautiful Google like suggestions while typing the words etc are really impressive. Even the UI screens have soothing appearence with advanced features (SAP is really getting ready for mobile devices, clouds). But our Business users who are so used to the old UI screens were not so fascinated with the new UI features. Someone rightly said, old habits die hard.. 😛

They demanded the same old look and all buttons. I wonder, did we really upgrade or are we taking a step back after upgrade? 🙂


So, what all are missing in the UI screen after upgrade?

The most prominent absentee as per our users are:
i) The column separator vertical line seems to have disappeared.
ii) The custom button looked different and emphasis and color was a No No.
iii) The filter button is no longer visible.

You might be wondering, has SAP really removed the filter button. Answer is ‘No’. SAP has moved a step ahead. It has filter and sort functionality at column level (as in Excel) which I believe is very useful. But, who can convince our users.. 🙂

One picture speaks more(better)  than thousand words.

Look how one of our UI screen looked before Upgrade.


Now check the same screen after Upgrade.


Did you notice, the vertical line separators of columns and filter button are missing. As, I mentioned above, filters and sorts are at column level. You can click on any column and achieve the filter and sort functionality. Also have a look at the custom buttons..

Personlly, I like the new feel. Is going back one step to old look, justifiable, is a topic for discussion for some other time.. 🙂

After little research one of our team member figured out that with Ehp7, we can add some parameters in the Web Dynpro application to get what our users wanted.

Let’s add the following parameter.
WDTHEMEROOT sap_standard STRING Stylesheet URI


Look how the screen looks now. The screen is close to the before upgrade look. Still the vertical separator and filters are missing.

After 1 Para

Add one more parameter.

2 para

Now we are completely one step back. Everything we had before upgrade is availble here.. Happy Business Users.. 🙂

After 2 Para

What does GL11 mean?
F4 on the parameter value field reveals there are two versions of UI Guideline. GL11 is 1.1 version and by default in EhP7 the UI version is 2.0 (GL20).

Guide Line

Setting GL11 is like going one step back. Do you agree?

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to be updated..


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  1. For latest versions, you also have WDUIGUIDELINE = FIORI. Furthermore, the parameter is set to FIORI as default when creating new WD apps.


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