Trick to adjust the variants

Variant of program
Say, your variant was working fine till yesterday and to your surprise, you get message like below for the same variant.”Variant xxxxxxxxx of program xxxxxxx is not the current version“.

Cause: SAP has already provided the reason for this issue.After this variant was generated, the report SELECT-OPTIONS or PARAMETERs were considerably changed, i.e. the type or length no longer match and PARAMETERs have become SELECT-OPTIONS or vice versa. Or some new fields were added to the selection screen or deleted from the selection screen. Making the variant obsolete. Your ABAPer is the culprit 🙂

Solution: Adjust or delete the variant.Deleting and recreating the variant would solve the issue. But, if you have 100s of variant for the same report, it would be tedious to delete and re-create.

Better way is to adjust the variant using program RSVARDOC_610. Go to t-code SE38, enter this program name and execute (F8). In the selection screen, give the program name and variant you want to adjust. If you want to adjust all variant then put ‘*’ in the variant name section. If it is not system variant then keep the SYSVAR section blank.

If your SAP system does not have this program, then search RSVARDOC* and see if you have any updated program for the current version of your system. If you do not find any other program other than RSVARDOC, use this program.


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