Triggering XML outbound via BOR (business Object repository) event

SAP ABAP Tutorials

We are considering for Change Documents case only.

1.1 SWEC :- Event Linkage for Change Documentation


Choose the object from the list display(if object already exit) otherwise make new entry by clicking on new entry tab.

Fill in the details/change the exisiting details ,as per your need :-

SAP Workflow
1.2 SWETYPV – Maintain/display the Event type linkages.

SAP Workflow Tutorial
Check fill in the details by double clicking on the object category of your concern:-
Event Linkage
2 Testing the Event/Workflow :-

SAP ABAP Tutorial

Enter the name of workflow that you have created :-
 name of workflow

Press F8 to test :-
Press F8 to test
To test the workflow/event :-

2.2 Event Trace
2.2.1 SWEL : Display Event Trace.
Put the date range between which you want to see the event

SWEL display event trace
Press F8:-

2.2.2. Manually triggering via t-code: SWUE – Trigger an Event

Settings :- Manually triggering
Object key:-
SAP WorkflowCreate Event :-

Event trace :-

Details :-
testing sap workflowWork items :-
Workflow item


Hope this would be useful for Workflow Freshers.

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