Vistex Chargeback Overview


A Chargeback is an amount claimed by a distributor from a manufacturer or vendor for the difference between their initial acquisition price and the actual agreed upon price for products/services sold to a specific end customer or partner.

There are not much documents in the internet world regarding Vistex. In this post, the author has tried to give an overview of the Vistex Chargeback and the bird’s eye view to the common terminologies, screens, transactions and technical objects (user exits, BADIs etc). Hope this post would act as a launch pad to all interested consultants who would like to take deep dive into Vistex.

Below are the contents of the attached document:

i) Definition of Chargeback
ii) Benefits of the Chargeback Application
iii) Chargeback Process
iv) Chargeback Lifecycle
v) Source Documents of Chargeback
vi) Chargeback creation based on Partner Roles with proper agreements
vii) Chargeback creation based on Partner role w/o agreement
viii) Why Partner Roles are important to create Chargeback Document
ix) Chargeback Creation Transaction codes
x) Chargeback Display or Change TCodes
xi) Chargeback Accounting Document Display
xii) Document flow for the accounting document of Chargeback
xiii) Common T-codes/User Exits/BADIs in Chargeback
xiv) High Level Overview from Contract to Chargeback Business Process for a Pharma wholesale business process
xv) Chargeback functions : CB Creation, Document flow and Reconciliation

Please click this link for Vistex Chargeback document.

The current screens in Vistex might have changed a bit, but the fundamentals remain the same.

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  1. Hi , I am looking for some help on Vistex Badis’User exits for Chargebacks, rebates, Pricing and EDI’s for Chargeback. Can you please help on this?

  2. I want to learn more about User exits, BADIs for Chargebacks, Bill backs, sales rebates etc…. Could you help me providing some exits and BADIs.

    • Dear Chand – Thank you very much for visiting our page and leaving your feedback. We are working on it. Meanwhile please check your email (junk/spam box). We will try to help you in all possible way. All the best.


  3. I want to learn more about the VISTEX Technical Developments .. The enhancements in Chargeback, Bill back etc., please help me ..

    • Dear Shiva – We appreciate your visiting our page and leaving a comment. We are compiling some more Vistex materials but it might take some time to publish. But, we have sent you a separate message in your email. Please check it (also junk/spam box). We will try to help you in all possible way.. Best of Luck.



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