Vistex Contract Overview


There are not much documents in the internet world regarding Vistex. In this post, the author has tried to give an overview of the Vistex Contract (with examples from Pharma Contracts Management System) and the bird’s eye view to the common terminologies, screens, transactions and technical objects (user exits, BADIs etc). Hope this post would act as a launch pad to all interested consultants who would like to take deep dive into Vistex Contract.


Below are the contents of the attached document:

i) Vistex Introduction
ii) Benefits of Vistex Solution
iii) Industry Challenges
iv) Benefits of Vistex Solution
v) Integrated Contract Life-Cycle Management
vi) Contract Development and Administration
vii) Contract Types
viii) Contract Screen General Tab
ix) Contract Screen Customer Tab
ix) Contract Screen Products Tab
x) Group Purchase Organization (GPO) & Buying Group
xi) Group Membership
xii) Membership/Block Maintenance Screen
xiii) Buying Group assignment to Contract
xiv) Sample Process Flow
xv) Sample Exception Processing Flow
xvi) Contract Activation
xvii) Contract Best Price Logic
xviii) Contract Data Upload
xix) Manual File Upload
xx) File Upload
xxi) Inbound Contract Create/Update (EDI 845)
xxii) Common T-Codes, Tables & BADI

Please click this link for Vistex Contract document.

The current screens in Vistex might have changed a bit, but the fundamentals remain the same.

Please leave your queries and we would be happy to get back to you.

If you are interested in other areas of Vistex, you can check our other post on Vistex Chargeback.

About the author: Praveen Gattani
Praveen is a senior SAP Funtional consultant with expertise in Vistex. He has more than 13 years of IT experience working for multinational IT firms and Fortune 500 clients.

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    • Dear Lakshmi – We are glad that you liked it and hope this post helped you to get some information.

      Please stay tuned, we will post more on Vistex in coming days. We already have our draft ready for Vistex Chargeback Overview.



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